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About Us

Lazarelis is a Greek family company that designs and creates innovative products for humans using mainly herbal bioactives, approaching health problems and daily personal care procedures in a natural way, giving effective solutions naturally and safely.

The history of Lazarelis begins in 1976 when the founder of Lazarelis Theodosis, he started dealing with bone implants and the first bio-materials in the dental field. seminars, he started researching and creating products that would provide immediate and effective solutions to the daily problems of the dental office. Thus, after many years of research and countless tests, in 2006, the company's first product, Vamalore for gums and mouth ... and that was just the beginning!

Over the years, the company has created other products that are always unique and innovative, daily gaining the trust of both doctors and users and with a common goal of product effectiveness and safety.

The goal of Lazarelis is the continuous development and creation of new products that will they cover all the needs of the general population and will be friendly, safe and effective for everyone.