Colofren for the anal area, prevents the formation of stretch marks and redness, restores the balance of the area and maintains the normal function and regularity of the anal area and has an ideal pH for maintaining the flora and health of the area.
Colofren for the perianal area, is a unique formula of natural bioactives that work synergistically ensuring its effectiveness naturally and safely. They protect and moisturize the area while the film they create, isolates the area from the outside environment and retains moisture ensuring permanent and stable hydration and elasticity, thus defecation becomes easier with less effort and intensity, naturally protecting against the creation or deterioration hemorrhoids and stretch marks due to dryness ensuring the restoration and maintenance of normal function and regularity of the perianal area. Their relaxing, calming and astringent properties restore the balance in the area and a feeling of calm and relaxation follows in just a few minutes.