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Biosensia Sensitive Area

Biosensia Sensitive Area
Model: Biosensia Spray Αμεση Προστασία & Φρεσκάδα Χωρίς Νερό
It effectively cares for and protects the sensitive area easily in the moment from fungi and germs and relieves you from the unwanted discomforts of the period without the use of water, giving a wonderful feeling of cleanliness, freshness and security wherever and whenever it is necessary. Prevents ..
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Gentle Cleansing Liquid  for the Sensitive Area Care & Hygiene
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Model: Biosensia Wash_ Καθημερινή Φροντίδα & Υγιεινή
A  highly concentrated liquid specially designed for the DIFFICULT days of the month - naturally and for everyday use - which contains natural bioactive components, softening and moisturizing elements that do not disturb the area's  pH while working protective against the growth of mic..
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Set for Complete Hygiene & Protection of the Sensitive Area
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Model: Biosensia Set_ Ολοκληρωμενη Υγιεινή Ευαισθητης Περιοχής
Biosensia Intimate Set with natural bioactive ingredients  (Biosensia Intimate Wash & Biosensia Intimate Deodorant) Safe and Effective! Suitable for everyday use! Protection, Cleanliness, Freshness in your bathroom but also out wherever you are and you need to feel and be, protec..
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