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Peranal Colofren Hemorrhoids / Stretch Marks / Irritations

Perianal Cream _ Immediate Relief  from Hemorrhoids, Stretch Marks &  Irritations _ 25gr
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Model: Colofren-Αιμορροϊδες -Ραγάδες- Ερεθισμοί
The natural solution for the problems of the perianal area. Unique patended formula of natural bioactives . Protects and moisturize the perianal area. Creates film and  isolates the area from the outside environment .Retains moisture ensuring permanent and stable hydration and..
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Model: Spray Care Στιγμιαία Ανακούφιση Περιπρωκτικής Περιοχής
Effectively cares and protects the perianal area easily & instantly from fungi and germs and relieves unwanted discomfort such as itching, burning, dryness, stinging, stench, etc. without the use of water, giving a feeling of calm and relaxation in just a few minutes. and for daily use in combin..
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Model: Καθημερινή Υγιεινή & Φροντίδα Της Περιπρωκτικής Περιοχής
A super-concentrated liquid with plant bioactive, emollient and moisturizing elements that do not disturb the pH of the area. Prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms that create or aggravate problems in the area such as inflammation, fungal infections, itching, stinging , odors, discomfor..
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 Set for Enhanced & Intensive Care of the Perianal Area
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Model: Set Ενισχυμένη & Εντατική Φροντίδα Περιπρωκτικής Περιοχής
Enhanced & Intensive Care of the Perianal Area .Specially designed and studied for the wider anal & sensitive area of ​​men & women, with respect for its uniqueness and the maintenance of its hygiene. Respects its pH, the normal balance of the mucosa and  does not alter..
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